Finally Starting New Business

I have finally made the plunge into my own business!  You may monitor my learning process right here on the blog!  🙂

Today I became what is known as a “consultant” for the company,Shelf Reliance, and now have my own website(see link in sidebar).  I have mentioned them in my earlier posts, but now I am fully on board and excited to see how God uses this new adventure!

As I venture forth, I am remembering Proverbs 3:5-6, ” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.”  I pray for His guidance in this new adventure, and that all I do will be done to His glory.  Yes, I am starting this business for added income, but I also see it as something of a ministry,  because I will be helping people be aware of and prepared for emergencies they may face in the near future.  We are living in perilous times and we need to be prepared for hard times.  I would like to be part of the solution in an emergency rather than part of the problem, so I want to have food, water and emergency supplies for my family, as well as others who might be in need.  Shelf Reliance is the company that has done a wonderful job at helping people like me get started doing just that, so I want to pass that on to everyone who might listen and want the same for their families.  I think it is a good place to be involved in at this time.  Let the adventure begin! 🙂


Something to Think About

German Hanukiyah

menora story

Take a look at the above picture and then click on the “menora story” to read about how this picture came to be taken and what happened to the candlestick later on.  It is chilling to think about when the photo was taken and then what happened in the next 10 years!

I just read this today.  I want to think about it more, but I just had to post it for my readers to think about, too.  If time permits, I will share my thoughts soon.