Are You Ready?

People often ask me, “Are you ready for…?”  In the past month, it may have been for Christmas or New Years celebrations.  In January, it might be for winter storms or maybe a vacation to some sunny, warm spot.  Are you ready?  Getting ready could mean many things to the person in the midst of it, but we all know it means preparing for the expected and the unexpected.  Preparations will, of course, depend on the situation being prepared for.  To me, the most important event and destination to be prepared for is Jesus’ return and  then being with Him forever.  Hopefully, all who read this blog are prepared for Him.  If not, please read my first posts of this blog.  It is a matter of eternal significance!

If we are ready for Jesus’ return and are looking forward to it with eager anticipation, then we need to help others get ready, too!  Share the Good News of salvation with all who will listen!  Time is running out.  One day will be the last day before His return.  Will He find us faithful?  Are we ready to see Him face to face?

Since we are living in a broken, sinful world, things are not perfect.  People “go crazy”, the weather is unpredictable (even for meteorologists), disasters happen, the earth shakes.  How have you prepared?  Most people want to be ready, but their lives just get so busy with immediate issues to deal with, they just don’t have time to think of storing water and food, candles, batteries, etc.  In fact, most people don’t want to even think about it because they superstitiously think it will cause a  bad thing to happen if they do.  Hopefully that is not you.  We have people depending on us.  Let us be proactive in our preparations for emergency situations that are likely to occur in our area.  At least begin thinking of some worst-case scenarios and then work backward at how you might be ready for them.  Check out my website and click on “products”, then on “Emergency Supplies”.  That will take you to an emergency planner video to watch and also give you a place to purchase some supplies.  It is a great place to start your preparations.  It will one day be too late to get ready.  Please begin now!






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