After 2 Years, I am Back With More Adventures!

Now that our youngest has graduated from high school and will be beginning her junior year in college, I have found some time to write and share about the new adventures the Lord has brought my way. The most recent excitement for me has been being invited to write an article for a new e-magazine, The Biblical Herbal Magazine.  I never dreamed I would be invited to do so, but I filled out the application and I guess they thought I could at least give a beginner’s perspective.  This magazine has informative, accurate, well-documented articles relating to using, growing and finding healing, God-made, herbs.  If you have been longing for a Christian perspective on herbalism, as I have, you will be happy to have found this resource.  The first issue came out in  the spring of this year.  Now I find myself with the great privilege of writing a short article on culinary herbs for the summer issue!  As I read the wonderful articles the other contributors wrote, I was so humbled!  They really know their stuff!  Please give it a read.  I know you will enjoy it and be all the wiser for reading it.  In my next post, I will share more herb information, and how the Lord is teaching me new and wonderful things about Himself through His Creation.


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  1. Bartel Travel Log
    Jun 16, 2016 @ 18:38:04

    how awesome Deb! so excited for you!!!


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