Lessons From The Garden

I never stop learning lessons from my garden!  Ever since I was about eight years old, I’ve tried to grow things in the dirt.  My mother grew flowers around the edges of our home; she never grew a vegetable garden.  I wanted to grow things I could eat, so the first seeds I planted were carrots.  My impatience with the growth phase, however, kept me trying to pull the carrots up and put them back before they  became real carrots.  Hence, my first lesson in gardening; “if you want things to mature all the way, you better leave them in the ground”.  Time.  It takes time to mature.  How true is that for life!  We are not summer squash, springing up in May and totally mature by August.  Here I am in my later 50’s and I feel like I am just beginning to mature in my walk with Jesus.  I have known Him since I was young, but I am sort of a “late bloomer”  I think.  Anyway, the garden can be a wealth of wisdom if we begin with knowing the Creator of the perfect first Garden, He is the One teacher we can never learn enough from!  From the Beginning He has used the garden for our instruction.

My hope is that this Garden page will be a wealth of inspiration as well as useful information for you.  Successes and failures abound in my gardening experiences, so I hope to pass them on to you.  Hopefully, you will imitate the successes and learn from the failures, but there is nothing like learning from your own failures, too! 🙂


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