Home Schooling

Home schooling has come a long way since we started with our oldest daughter 26 years ago!  We had thought we were going to skip kindergarten with her because we thought it was sort of a waste of time and we could probably do a better job teaching her at home, but after that, we would put her in a school.  The term, “home school”, was not even in our vocabulary!  About that time we met some people who had just moved to Federal Way, Washington, where we were living at the time.  They had  two daughters who were about the ages of our two daughters.  As we became better acquainted, they talked about “home schooling”.  We asked, “Is that legal?”  They had looked into it extensively and assured us it was legal in Washington state, but not all other states.  We thought after kindergarten, all children were required to go to some kind of school, but not stay home and be taught by their own parents!  As we looked into it ourselves, we were more and more convinced that it was a valid option for schooling our children.  I became excited about it all!  Having been a teacher in a private school before we had children, I felt I had the needed training to teach my own.  However, I found out quickly there was much for me to learn when it came to teaching young ones, since my teaching experience had been with junior high and high school students.  My ignorance became evident to me when I went to a home school parents’ meeting.  They were talking about “curriculums”.  I had  no idea what they meant by that term!  I kept thinking I should know, having been a teacher and all, but I really did not have a clue.

That was the beginning of our great adventure in home schooling!   Today I look back on all those wonderful, awful, fun, tiring, rewarding, failures and successes and know that it was only by God’s grace that we made it through!  If you are  home schooling(or thinking about it), I hope for this page to be an encouragement to you,  and that you will relax and trust the Lord to be faithful to give you the wisdom, strength and energy you need for the tasks before you.  Let the adventures continue!


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