We all know it is impossible to be prepared for all eventualities, but this page will be dedicated to helping you at least have some basic idea of how to prepare, as well as what to prepare before you are faced with emergency situations.

I will share all I am learning about the subject of preparedness.  Maybe my younger years spent hiking and camping in the Olympic and Cascade mountains, my love for the outdoors, and my desire to learn new skills all are contributing to my desire to be prepared for survival when faced with emergency situations.  Those things may not sound like they have much to do with wanting to learn how to be prepared, but the more time you spend in the woods, the more you realize you need to have your wits about you, because the unexpected often happens out there and you need to have the right attitude and then have the right know-how to survive.  You need to know how to improvise when you are without something you think you need.  For example, what if you forgot matches to start your propane stove.  What other ways are there to get a spark or flame going?  Knowing that little tidbit of information could make a huge difference in one’s survival in the woods or in a disaster situation(flood, tornado, hurricane, etc.).  There are skills like that to learn to help you feel better prepared, but the most important survival skill is having the right attitude when disaster or an emergency strikes.  If you have thought through different scenarios, or practiced for different situations, then you are that much better off, because your brain and body can freeze up if you panic.  Having rehearsed first, before you are in the middle of a crisis situation, helps you do things in an automatic way rather that trying to figure things out in the panic moment.

Lesson number one, then, is to develop skills for survival so your mind is prepared and you are able to face a crisis as calmly as possible.


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